The Next Big Thing … maybe?


Well, nearly but not exactly.

In the late1990’s, We saw an explosion in the economy.  I think it was due to two things, lowered interest rates, and growth of the Internet. Anyone could search a huge data base, and lot of new ideas were created and easily followed up on. Good, bad, and better ideas were distilled. It took the economy a while to recover from its enthusiasm.

I suspect the new era of mechanical devices is beginning with the advent of low-cost 3-D printers. It puts inexpensive machining in a price range affordable to many hobbyists and tinkerers. Robot parts can be made for specific needs. Cases, levers, gears, holders & spacers, cogs, sprockets, holders etc. can be produced for prototypes and experimentation.

These tools will present opportunities for new plastics: conductive, temperature resistant, low friction.

I’m not saying this is a good opportunity for investment. However, the ideas and products of this potential revolution may prove interesting.

When I retire, this is one of the tools I’ll have to convince my wife to let me get.

Cubify 3D Printer
Makerbot Replicator 2