Who is the Enemy?

Yesterday we learned that NSA was gathering all of the phone logs from a cell phone company. Unless Verizon has a special terrorist phone plan, the broadness of this effort raises suspicions that this data mining effort is not limited to one company This scares the H*ck out of me.

  1. This information establishes relationships, whether it is all relations (including iffy relationships) or close relations, frequent call, like between you and your bill collector. An illegal use of this would be to use it to build the Democrat support base out to friend, and friends of friends. Also, he IRS scandal shows active persecution of perceived enemies. This program permits illegal extension of that enemies list. We have already seen the IRS leak confidential information to the President’s political friends.
  2. <Important> Recently we learned about all calls logs to the AP being seized by the DOJ. This required approval by a judge (or one of three) to the execute this warrant. Question: Is an additional warrant required to examine this data? Or is a warrant no longer needed since the government already has this information.
  3. This administration has referred to Tea Party members as terrorists (Napolitano? Sebelius?) . Friends of the administration have referred to Christians as Terrorists (Hollywood). What does the administration consider is a terrorist? Are we all terrorists now? Who does this administration consider to be enemies of the state.
  4. <Important> An aside question: We have seen this administration claim Bush did this too. My recollection is Bush limited this to calls involving off shore numbers. Did the Bush administration seize all call logs, or is this another false equivalence? Last night Rove said he did not know. Is the administration right or is this another lie? If I were a betting man, I know how I would bet on that one.

I heard Karl Rove justify this last night with a need to know about calls from the US to volatile terrorist controlled region to protect ourselves. But this strikes me as a limited set of data. If I’m calling Chechnya I hope the government know. If I’m calling out for pizza, not so much.  Who is the enemy? in the winding down war on terror?

Another point Rove made is that this data is not controlled by the Whitehouse so it cannot be used for political purposes.  I’m not sure which unsettles me more, fearing the President is in charge, or fearing he is not! Who is in charge.

This Administration, while opposing voter ID, seem to be interested in collecting all kinds of data about us. While I don’t believe the retinal scans of kindergartners is federally mandated, the President did call for Doctors to ask about firearm ownership. And its not clear to me that this order didn’t include school nurses asking children.

Remember Big Brother is watching me.

He might be the only one 🙂

(C) 2013