Dragon’s Ring by Dave Freer

Dragon's Ring,  book coverDragon’s Ring
by Dave Freer

Series: Dragon’s Ring by Dave Freer

Published 10/1/2009

318 pages

Rating: 4/5


I came across the sequel to this book first, Dog and Dragon. I enjoyed it very much and had to read this first book, Dragon’s Ring. And I enjoyed this work too.

This story is set in a world cut off from the rest of the “universe” and populated by seven intelligent species, including humans. Each species has a treasure that is held hostage by a different specie, In theory this gives each specie (except humans) influence over another race, and each race is influenced by another race. Continue reading

First Thoughts on Recharging a Battery during balloon flights

Warning … Warning … The following is unencumbered with a reality check – or even research.  You have been warned.


Schematic Fragment

My problem is that I would like to power a Raspberry Pi (5V about 0.8A) during a balloon flight (4 hrs) using an 11.1V LiPo battery maybe 300 to 800 mAhr, supplemented with a 15W array, instead of using a 4000 mAhr battery.  I try to size things to run 4 hrs.  And no, I don’t know if this actually saves weight.  However it would be cool to accomplish.

Continue reading

Unbalance (Fionn for Fed Chief)

Stock Prices are rising as another earnings reporting season begins. The first of my stocks to report has “better than expected” earnings. This is good. Bernanke is keeping the money pumps pumping. As stock to earnings ratios approach 20:1, that piece of the economy is being nailed into place and all is right with the world.

But then economies aren’t about balance and stability, or at least they haven’t been for at least 500 yrs. Maybe they never were, as drought, war, plague, religious reform, new ideas, trade always have affected economies. “They” say that a tree that stops growing is dieing. An economy that stops bubbling and frothing is, while not dead, well, its stagnant. A healthy growing economy is one that creates new opportunities, and kills off some of the obsolete ones, shedding the dead wood. Continue reading

D-Region Tomahawk at URRF – 2013 (Upstate Research Rocketry Festival)


I had the chance to go to the URRF, in Potter NY June 21-23,2013, sponsored by URRG (Upstate Research Rocketry Group). I was able to successfully launch my PML D-Region Tomahawk, and figure out how to use a new Boostervision HD.

Long term plans for the Tomahawk are to cut out a section of the tube for an electronics bay and learn to implement a dual deploy system, then, if it survives, learn to use hybrid rocket motors. My goals for URRF were to demonstrate a safe first flight of the Tomahawk and obtain flight video of a launch. Continue reading