Dragon’s Ring by Dave Freer

Dragon's Ring,  book coverDragon’s Ring
by Dave Freer

Series: Dragon’s Ring by Dave Freer

Published 10/1/2009

318 pages

Rating: 4/5


I came across the sequel to this book first, Dog and Dragon. I enjoyed it very much and had to read this first book, Dragon’s Ring. And I enjoyed this work too.

This story is set in a world cut off from the rest of the “universe” and populated by seven intelligent species, including humans. Each species has a treasure that is held hostage by a different specie, In theory this gives each specie (except humans) influence over another race, and each race is influenced by another race.

Finn (or Fionn) the dragon, who can change form, mission is to keep the magical energies flowing. While he should be traveling the universe planes, performing his task, he is trapped on this world. And he is stirring up trouble by stealing the treasures (among other things).

While the human magicians have been exterminated in this world, the girl, Meb, AKA, Scrape of Humanity, is developing magical abilities.   However, this is happening without her understanding.   She has been adopted into a fishing village, but has an unknown past.  After her village is destroyed, Finn picks her up as an assistant, to train her as an apprentice, but mostly to control the damage her magic is doing to the energy flow. Meb has a talent for making friends, and getting into trouble.

The reader may want to keep track of the use and role of the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water throughout the story. And the ending, while tying up many of the loose ends, leads directly into its sequel.

I recommend both this book, and its companion, Dog and Dragon, as enjoyable reads.

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