Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial – A trip to Put-In-Bay

Put In Bay, from Perry Monument

It is 200 years since many of the American/British/Indian engagements on (or near) the Ohio Frontier occured.  This constituted the western front of the War of 1812. One of the significant battles was the Battle of Lake Erie, a naval engagement which took place on the western end of Lake Erie on September 10th 1813. The American success resulted in the cut off of supplies to support the British Dockyards at Amherstburg and Fort Malden,  both near the mouth of the Detroit River,  as well as the British army in Upper Canada, and their Indian Allies.  A month later on October 5th, it lead to the defeat of the British and Indian army, and the death of the Indian leader Tecumseh at the battle of the Thames in present day Ontario.

Perry MonumentWith the treaty of Ghent, early 1815, the war came to an end, beginning a lasting peace along the northern border of the US. This peace was at times uneasy, especially during the Civil War. But trade and commerce, among with cultural ties, has strengthened the peace along the border. A century of peace was celebrated with the construction of the Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, between 1912 and 1915. Six Officers killed in the Battle were reburied at the base of the monument, three American and three British. Now we add an additional century of peace.

Tall Ship, Halie and Matthew

Halie and Matthew

My wife and I spent Thursday, Aug 28, 2013 at Put-in-Bay, OH to observe this Bicentennial. We drove up the night before, spending two nights on the Island. It had been perhaps 25 years since either of us had visited and things have changed very much. It is now a party/bar town. You can scarcely stumble 50 feet down the street without falling into another bar. However, we had come see the monument and National Park Visitor Center, and the tall ships.

Tall ship, Windy


We got to see all this before the Labor Day weekend crowds hit. We watched the US Brig Niagara come in – under motor power, not sail. We also saw the Windy out of Chicago, and the Halie & Matthew from St Petersburg? Friday morning we toured the US Brig Niagara, a replica of Perry’s second Flagship1.

US Brig Niagara

US Brig Niagara coming into Put-in-Bay

Niagara at Dock

Niagara at Dock

Niagara and Perry

US Brig Niagara and Perry Monument

1 During the battle after his flagship, the Lawrence, was heavily damaged, and with the Niagara standing off out of range, Perry transferred his flag to the Niagara to more forcefully encourage its captain join the battle.

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