Happy New Year 2014

I like to say I’m optimistic for the next year, but I’m not. “Hope for the best, expect the worst.”

For whatever it is worth, here are some predictions:

  1. There will be wars. Marauding warlords will continue to pillage civilians in the Middle east and Africa. Civil war may come to South America as Venezuela continues to collapse.
  2. Climate will continue to change. Ice will melt and water will freeze.
  3. Lawyers, Judges and Government will not save us. Those in charge will continue to pervert justice.
  4. Social conservatives will continue to be ignored. Babies will be continued to be born without fathers.
  5. Cleveland Brown will fail to sign a front line. Quarterbacks beware!
  6. Economic growth will be slow at best. The economy received a huge stimulus in 2013 as stocks rose 30%. It remains to be seen whether this creates stending, profits and earning. Against this upward force is implementation of the Obamacare mandates on employers, sapping hiring and earning. Also artificially low interest rates will continue discourage investments.
  7. The Church will survive.

I expect that, whether we deserve it or not, we will muddle through.