Mercury Transit Quiz


In celebration of the Mercury Transit next monday (5/9/2016) morning, I’ve put together the attached quiz.


This is also available through is a quiz site that can run a quiz on server.  Participants can check in at using a pin generated by the server.

This link will take you to the quiz link, Go to it on a central display computer, and select appropriate options (mostly all “yes”). the select the <classic> button. You get a “ready to join” message.   Then the server starts with a “pin” number on the top of the page.  The participant use their own devices to go to, and enter the pin number.  They are asked for an identifier/nickname and join the game.  The main display shows the identifiers of those who have joined.  The leader selects the <start> button and you are off!  The leader controls steps between questions, the participants select answers on their own devices Scores are generated through a combination of being right and short answering times.  Note that questions and possible answers are displayed only on the main devices.  Individual devices only select personal answers.

Have Fun (I hope)

(c) David B. Snyder, 2016