Newton’s Clock – Ivars Peterson

Newton’s Clock: Chaos in the Solar System

Ivars Peterson

W.H.Freeman and Company, New York

ISBN 0-717-2396-4

QB351.P48 1993

Rating: 5 of 5  This book gave me a new appreciation for difficulty of the many-body problem, and what insights are possible.  It gave me a new respect for those people who pursue those difficult problems.

One of the opportunities I have during retirement is to revisit my library, to reread books I have enjoyed in the past, and to read some of the books I bought, but never got around to reading. This is one of those books I’ve had for a long time, possibly over 20 years, but never read. Now I wish I had read it much earlier. I’d like to have read it while in graduate school. However it was not yet available, indeed much of the work discussed, had not been accomplished yet.

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Solar Eclipse: Star Charts

2017 Eclipse Stars 5 deg Field

I am interested in reproducing the “Eddington” Experiment, which demonstrated The gravitational shift of star positions.  Now, I have not been practising, so the likelihood of my success is very low.  But I still intend to try, to see what information I can obtain.

First, I show a roughly 70 degree wide star field.  It is of interest because it shows Venus is within 35 degrees, roughly west, of the sun.

2017 Eclipse Stars 70 deg Field

2017 Eclipse Stars 70 deg Field

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asteroid 2012 DA14

NASA USTREAM Video from Australia

14:00 (EST) discussion: (also on the above site)

NASA Statement on the Russian Meteorite

According to NASA scientists, the trajectory of the Russian meteorite was significantly different than the trajectory of the asteroid 2012 DA14, making it a completely unrelated object. Information is still being collected about the Russian meteorite and analysis is preliminary at this point. In videos of the meteor, it is seen to pass from left to right in front of the rising sun, which means it was traveling from north to south. Asteroid DA14’s trajectory is in the opposite direction, from south to north.

But it sure is one heck of a coincidence!!

You have to wonder if it is a chunk off DA14, but the arguement about the direction of motion is a strong one.