The Global War on Christians by John L. Allen, Jr.

The Global War on Christians: Dispatches from the front lines of Anti-Christian Persecution
John L. Allen, Jr

Book Cover: Global War on Christians
Rating: 5/5
Publication Date: 2013.
Crown Publishing Group (Random House), New York,

Format: Epub version, 278 pages.
eISBN: 978-0-7704-3736-7





It appears that our nation is beginning a period of religious persecution, as our government begins taking on itself to direct what the Church can and cannot do, and some groups blame Christians for all our social problems. It becomes important to understand that persecution occurs throughout the world and often in extreme forms.

Allen reports some of the statistics of the present persecutions. However, these seem to very by orders of magnitude. The numbers of those persecuted are understandably not readily reported by local sources. He uses a poor/broad definition of “Christian” (not that I have a better one) using those who are self-identified as Christians. You may question whether, on a per capita basis, Jews, or some loosely Christian sects, suffer more persecution, but the numbers involved make Christians the most persecuted.

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Prayer Request for South Sudan

I’ve been reading John Allen’s “The Global War on Christians”.  So this prayer request from a group I support is hitting home.  Please include the Christians in South Sudan in your prayers.

from: info (at)
Subject: Prayer Request for South Sudan

Your prayers are requested…You may have seen in the news that there is a great deal of civil unrest and fighting in South Sudan, where the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sudan/South Sudan is based. While the town of Yambio (where ELCS/SS headquarters and the CLIHM seminary are located) has not suffered attacks, ELCS/SS pastors and their parishioners have not been so fortunate.The fighting seems to be primarily between the Nuer and Dinka tribes. It’s estimated that 1,000 people have been killed and some 200,000 displaced by the fighting that began on Dec. 15. Even in the “safe” areas, fuel, food and other necessary supplies are running low.

Today, the LHF office has received this email from Rev. Edward Nzeme, general secretary of the ELCS/SS:


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The Way

A recent blogger, alleging to be a Christian, but apparently wise in the ways of the world, wrote that among several important Christian teachings he would change, is the idea that Christianity is the only way to God. It is valuable for us to remember, especially during this Lenten and upcoming Easter season, why Christians believe Christ is the only way to reconciliation with God, and that there is no other way.

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