NRA Grassroots

Recently the NRA has received a huge reminder of its purpose. Years ago, in the 1990’s (President Clinton) I joined the NRA. It was a statement that I felt the 2nd Amendment right to self defense was important. A few years later, I let the membership lapse, at least in part, because I thought that like many other organizations such as APS (American Physical Society), the NRA was failing its primary purpose as its hierarchy was taken over by organizers wanting to redirect NRA lobbying efforts away from its primary mission, 2nd Amendment protections. I think since then the NRA has recovered somewhat as the “Right to Carry” effort has expanded, supporting it especially with qualifying gun safety courses.

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First Post

I hope to use this web site to comment about Physics and Astronomy, Religion, Books I’ve read and other things. Maybe I will learn to proof read – but I doubt it.