Empire of the East

Empire of the East by Fred Saberhagen

including “The Broken Lands”, “The Black Mountains”, and “Ardneh’s World”

ACE 20563-1 558 pages

rating: 3 of 5

The has been on my “to-read” pile for many years. As I try to cut costs and space, I’m reading more from this pile, before deciding whether to keep or donate these books. This is the ACE compilation of the trilogy, published in 1979, paperback, 1980. The price on cover ($2.95) reminds me of a day when I read much more voraciously.

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Modifying an Inexpensive Camera for Balloon Flights

GI Joe

GI Joe in Near Space, Explorer Post 632

Over the past nine years we have modified a few cameras for use on balloon payloads. The idea is to solder wires to the picture taking button so that when they are shorted together the camera can take a picture.

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Access Doors on Foamcore Balloon Payload Boxes

Payloads at Launch

Payloads at Launch

I have used foam core sheets to construct high altitude balloon payload boxes for many years. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and very durable. It is easy to cut ports and holes for cameras, instruments, antennas, and wires. And it is no great loss if they are damaged during recovery.

An excellent description of foamcore construction techniques by Mike Manes (W5VSI) is available from EOSS. http://www.eoss.org/onlinepubs/construction/foamcore/foamcore.htm This is where I learned from.

Here, I would like to describe some ‘features’ included in our/my construction. Recently, I’ve begun including a back door to aid in manipulating and connecting wires and hardware in the box..
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