Unbalance (Fionn for Fed Chief)

Stock Prices are rising as another earnings reporting season begins. The first of my stocks to report has “better than expected” earnings. This is good. Bernanke is keeping the money pumps pumping. As stock to earnings ratios approach 20:1, that piece of the economy is being nailed into place and all is right with the world.

But then economies aren’t about balance and stability, or at least they haven’t been for at least 500 yrs. Maybe they never were, as drought, war, plague, religious reform, new ideas, trade always have affected economies. “They” say that a tree that stops growing is dieing. An economy that stops bubbling and frothing is, while not dead, well, its stagnant. A healthy growing economy is one that creates new opportunities, and kills off some of the obsolete ones, shedding the dead wood. Continue reading

Dog and Dragon by Dave Freer

Dog and Dragon
by Dave Freer

Series: Dragon’s Ring by Dave Freer

Dog and Dragon Cover - Baen ebooks

rating: 4/5

Its been a while since I’ve delved into a lot of science fiction and fantasy, but as I learn more about ebooks I might read more contemporary science fiction.  I obtained this novel as part of the Monthly Baen Bundle for April 2013.

“Dog and Dragon” is a sequel to “Dragon’s Ring” which I have not read. There are elements to it which I presume are related to the series. There are two themes to the story, first is the tail of the dog’s, [and dragon’s] search for its mistress [and apprentice] The second theme is the story of said mistress and magician’s apprentice. She appears suddenly in an unfamiliar place. It soon becomes apparent to everyone but her that this is a place where she belongs. This is the interesting part of the novel as she heals the land from it’s strife.

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