An Interpretation of the Government Shutdown.

English: Ted Cruz at the Republican Leadership...If I understand the popular account of the Teaparty’s role in the recent fiscal disaster, The fight the GOP could have won is the debt ceiling debate. Focusing on Obamacare, and letting Harry Reid close the government, provided a distraction from the failure of the Obamacare role out.

Ted Cruz long speech on Obamacare, some how held up negotiations. Yet Harry Reid conducted the real filibuster by holding up the House CR until the last minute. Harry Reid did what he does best. Nothing. MSM focused on the evil Cruz and the evil Teaparty. But does anyone believe that would have been any different. Cruz and the Teaparty will always be the cause of all evil. Cruz efforts did put Obamacare in the public spotlight. They had to provide some coverage of the failure even if it was minimal. I heard more coverage of Hollywood “news” in the last two weeks. I credit Cruz and the Teaparty with forcing at least some coverage of the failure.  Continue reading